Custom layout Gitlab on Centos

To custom layput of Gitlab server on Centos, you need go to path


changce content on file .html

Affter changce content run commandline to apply

gitlab-rake assets:clean RAILS_ENV=production

and generate them (I had some permissions errors with this one, nothing that a chmod 777 couldn’t fix, just try to revert them back to its original state)

gitlab-rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production

and finally a restart

sudo gitlab-ctl restart

How to Master Digital Gifting

While the Holiday season has its fair share of “family dinner drama,” the hope is that one’s ecommerce experience is alleviating and not contributing to the monthly therapy bill.

According to Needle, gift shopping now surpasses family obligations and holiday travel as the top stressor during the holiday season. A whopping 84 percent of consumers confess that gift giving raises their blood pressure. The same study found that nearly half of the respondents plan to purchase their gifts online anywhere from just weeks to days before the holiday. This inevitable deliberation and subsequent procrastination only adds to the struggle: backed up delivery schedules, expedited shipping costs, and sold-out merchandise. Read more