60+ Free Responsive jQuery Image Slider & Slideshow Plugins

The best free responsive jQuery image slider and slideshow plugins and tutorials are necessary for web designer and giving them the opportunity to create creative slider effects of each slide transition.

Free responsive jQuery image slideshow and content slider are now become very popular for images gallery and css slider you can see them in thousand of blogs and websites. It is really useful for design blog to show the featured contents and i also think it is a great way to attract the visitors which also gives a beautiful look to blogs.

It is really useful example and tutorials jquery image slider and slideshow for web design to learn and create slider on web page. Using jQuery image slideshow for show image on homepage for your demand it is easy for set up.

If you are a web designer, you should  choosing responsive jQuery slider which can be implemented display on resolution screen support on multiple devices.The massive popularity of jQuery has attracted many talented developers that are constantly releasing all kinds of amazing and powerful jQuery slider plugins,. This of course also includes versatile and sleek image sliders and galleries.


The plugin using bootstrap CSS3 and jQuery slider have new feature support with mobile device as well. You may finding some kind of image slider or slideshow such as jquery random image slideshow, jquery background image slideshow, jquery mobile image slider with HTML code for design a website.

WCBox (Free)

is a product Carousel Slider wordpress Plugin For Woocommerce, it designed to display product on WordPress posts widget area.

wcbox-product-slider-plugindownload / more info demo

Fashion Responsive Slider Tutorial

The fashion is a free responsive jquery slider with new feature of css3 (media queries) to alter the design and layout of a website slider to fit different screen sizes.

This slider allows you to change images from large screens support to a smaller screen support. Layouts are design to cater for layouts with width smaller than 1000px and as big as larger as 1000px size. This is beneficial especially for the fashion industry to display fashion in various subsections such as for fashion designers, fashion critics, online fashion stores as well as cosmetics. This is fully applicable for online stores to market their products more effectively and reaching out to their target customers more efficiently.

Fashion Responsive Slider Tutorialdemo download / more info

jText jQuery Text Slider

This slider is as its named sound that is to slide texts. This can be used in websites anywhere, especially on the homepage to highlight key phrases or important information to appear more attractive and professional.

demo download / more info

Prism Effect jquery Slider with Canvas

A tutorial on how to create a slider with a “prism” effect using HTML5 canvas global Composite Operation and a layering technique. This is a simple slider that is made unique with just an interesting prism effect. This is done by placing a shape in front of the slider and then reflects the images of each slide thus creating an illusion of a prism. There is a need to pre-load external resources for images and masks before the initialization of the slider in order to obtain a fully functional slider. The entire effect is produced by using the HTML5 canvas globalCompositeOperation and a layering technique to produce a very attractive end product. This demo is compatible with all major browsers as well as Internet Explorer 9.

Prism-Effect-Slider-with-Canvasdemo download / more info

3D Carousel jquery slider plugin

This is a jQuery plugin for a responsive 3D carousel with modern effects and multiple options. It is a full screen carousel with infinite scroll. There are multiple slide layouts provided to choose from. It is very easy to be installed with minimal configuration. There is also a custom navigation button which allows you to extend its functionalities such as adding some visual effects, transitions, transformations and even some videos. With its 3D effects, images will be displayed in a more attractive manner and able to capture the audience’s attention. It is a suitable added feature for your site to make it more memorable.

3D-Carousel-slider-jQuery-plugindemo download

Wobbly Slideshow Effect

The jquery slide in this slideshow wobble as they move. The effect is based on Sergey Valiukh’s Dribbble shot and was made using Snap.svg and morphing SVG paths.

Just like its name, Wobbly is an image slider that wobbles as they move. You can expect a lot of jell-o-like movements when you apply this slider to your projects. It is interesting to grab the attention of your audience and keeps them focus. Depending on the navigation movement, either to the left or to the right, it will then bend the slider. This animation will make the slider seemed as it is pulling or pushing an elastic object. The entire slider is very much depending on timing to ensure that the effect is portrayed smoothly and beautifully to the viewers.

Wobbly-Slideshow-Effectdemo download / more info

Perspective Mockup Slideshow

An animated jquery slider perspective mockup slideshow with 3D transforms based on the computations made with the help of Franklin Ta’s script.

This is an animated perspective mockup with 3D transformations based on computations wrote by Franklin Ta, the designer of this slider. The main concept is to create a 3D matrix transformation to embed an iframe into a mockup image which would make a slideshow very interesting. This helps to make a slideshow more interesting and attractive to be viewed, with a 3D effect. With the animation, images are portrayed vividly and attractively on the slideshow. You can play around with the various vibrant color schemes available too.

Perspective-Mockup-Slideshowdemo download / more info

Draggable Dual-View Slideshow

An experimental slideshow that is draggable and has two views: fullscreen jquery slider and small carousel. In fullscreen view, a related content area can be viewed.

This slideshow has two view options, which are to either view them in full screen or in a small carousel view. From a carousel view, the related contents that are chosen can be dragged to be viewed in full screen motion. By the click of a button, the contents will change its viewing option in a sliding transition. This allows different formats of viewing which you can play around during your slideshow presentation. It is not compatible with FireFox due to the 3D transformation, animations and transitions which may cause the slideshow to only be partially functional with some defected effects.

Draggable-Dual-View-Slideshowdemo download / more info

Sliding Header Layout

tutorial on how to create a simple layout jquery slider with a fullscreen header that slides up to reveal a content area with an image grid.

This slider allows you to change a full screen image which has a title into a grid view with just a toggle button. The header with the full screen image will animate upwards, and then reveals a content area with an image grid. The grid items in the content area has a hover effect where the title will then fades out as it move downwards while the images will zoomed bigger in size and even brighter in color. The contents will be revealed in an overlay effect which stimulates how light enters a dark area in reality. This is an interesting slider that truly grabs attention.

Sliding-Header-Layoutdemo download / more info

Create a Tiled Background Slideshow

A tutorial that shows how to recreate the four tiles slideshow effect seen on the website of Serge Thoroval. Using 3D transforms jquery slider, transitions and animations, the aim is to implement a smooth effect and add some variations.

This is a fantastic background slider which is full screen that allows you to display your items with captions. No jQuery library is needed thus saving all the hassle. It is a totally responsive layout, fit for any mobile device. The images and graphics displayed are beautiful which will surely capture your audience attention. The captions that are added can be animated as well. There are 4 styles available for you to choose from, but all are editable to suit your needs. This slider is a recommended for project that need huge statement layouts such as for fashion shows and advertising industry.

Tiled-Background-Slideshowdemo download / more info

Animated Content Slider with Bubble Navigation Icons

In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how you can build one of these bubble circle jquery slider using JavaScript. Specifically I’ll be working with the slidr.js library which is free and open source for any developer to use. It comes with some great editable options and it’s fully responsive for any mobile screen or monitor.

This is a jQuery plugin which utilizes icon as a slider. Icons can be extracted from various sites or even your own picture gallery on Picasa or Flicker. There are color schemes and font sizes which you are able to choose from to customize this slider. This is perfect for sites which emphasize on branding as this would be an attention grabber to introduce star products to your viewers. You may also include some small caption beneath the icon to further depict the meaning of the icons as well as a means to communicate with your audience.

Content-Slider-with-Bubble-Navdemo download / more info

jQuery Image Slideshow Plugin

A nice photo goes a long way towards making a design stand out. But we at Tutorialzine realized that sometimes a single picture is not enough and what you really need is a smooth slideshow of images to capture the user’s attention and bring dynamics to the app.

This is a jQuery plugin which pops or shows a slide with detailed descriptions and information of the image that is being clicked. The description will slide in in an interesting animation which can be controlled. There is even a scroll button which scrolls smoothly if there is a need, especially when there are too many images included.

jQuery-Image-Slideshow-Plugindemo download / more info

Item Transition jquery slider

Some inspiration and ideas for item transitions considering different scenarios and use cases, including a small component, a full-width image header and a product image with a transparent background. State transitions are done using CSS Animations.

As its name sound, this plugin allows transition to be made in a smooth and fashionable manner. There are various components featured in this slider such as a full-width image header and a product image with even a transparent background effect. Animations can also be added with stunning vibrant colors to make them more effective and functional.

Item-Transition-Inspirationdemo download / more info

Tilted Content Slideshow

This jquery slider, as seen on the landing page of the FWA, plays with 3D perspective and performs some interesting animations on the right-hand side images.

You are able to add some parallax background effect with this content slider. The animations can be added on the different element of your slideshow to make it more interesting and appealing. This will make the background of your slide move, thus making your website unique with this interesting slider.

Tilted-Content-Slideshowdemo download / more info

Responsive Horizontal Posts Slider using CSS3 and jQuery

In this tutorial  jquery slider, I want to demonstrate how to build a unique article/blog post rotator using jQuery. It can fit anywhere on a homepage or archives page and it offers plenty of links within a tiny amount of space. My design is more simplistic but you can obviously fit this into any layout style.

This is a slider that fits just about anywhere but recommended for homepages or archive pages as it offers plenty of links within just a small amount of space on the slider. It is a unique article or even a blog post rotator using the jQuery. It is a simple design yet it can be fit in any layout style for any purpose or site.

Responsive-Horizontal-Posts-Slider-using-CSS3-and-jQuerydemo  download download / more info

Implement a Dynamic Animated Slider Using Glide.js

For this tutorial I want to look at building a simple version of these rotating jquery slider. Glide.js is open source, responsive, and perfect for any layout. You have the ability to customize colors and UI elements within the slider.

This is an open source, responsive animated slider that is perfect for any layout. You are able to customize the colors as well as the UI elements within the slider to create more impressive animations. You may include text, videos, images or a mixture of these in your slideshow with the goal to capture the audience’s interest to your site.

Implement-a-Dynamic-Animated-Slider-Using-Glidedemo download / more info download

Tilted Content Slideshow

tutorial on how to recreate the jquery slideshow seen on the FWA landing page with 3D effects involving random animations.

 Tilted-Content-Slideshowdemo tutorials download

Interactive Particles Slideshow with HTML5 canvas

An interactive particles jquery slideshow experiment built with HTML5 Canvas. This slideshow has the ability for items to fade in and fade out with sleek slide moves. With its impressive visuals and vibrant colors, it will certainly attract your audience. Apart from its fancy transitioning effects which are perfectly functional, this slider allows the user to create and modify graphics creatively.

Interactive Particles Slideshow with HTML5 canvasdemo  download / more info

Morphing Devices Slideshow

A jquery slideshow concept where different screenshots are shown on morphing devices. One main element and two additional division are used for the parts of the devices, along with some pseudo-elements and the image anchor.

The idea of a morphing slideshow is to have a transition between two different devices that show a screenshot of a responsive website or an app by applying what is known as the “device class”. Then using the same elements as well as pseudo-elements for all devices, an interesting morph effect can be created into an interesting end product.

Morphing Devices Slideshow demo  download / more info

Flipping Circle Slideshow

A simple circular jquery slideshow where we flip the image in order to navigate. The main concept is to flip a circle in a specific angle to slide to the next image, depending on the spot of the circle which is being clicked. There are only three different angles possible namely top, middle and bottom. There is an overlay effect that makes the flipping motion more realistic by providing light or darkness.

Flipping Circle Slideshow demo  download / more info

jQuery Immersive Slider

Create an immersive jquery slider experience with jQuery Immersive Slider. This slider allows you to extract videos from sites such as YouTube and add them to your slider. Videos from mobile phones and tablets can be extracted with just a touch of a button and added on into your slider easily. This brings a whole new experience to slider and its users.

Immersive jQuery Image Sliderdemo download

Slicebox Revised – jQuery 3D image slider plugin

Slicebox revise is responsive, the jQuery 3D jquery slider plugin, has been updated. We’ve done some major improvements and added new features.

This is a 3D image slider plugin that uses the CSS 3D Transforms. It provides a graceful and smooth fallback for older browsers that do not support the new properties. With the 3D effects, this slider is certainly an attention grabber especially when profound images are used and applied with this slider.

Slicebox jQuery Image Sliderdemo download

Free Animated Responsive Image Grid

A jQuery plugin for creating a responsive image jquery slider that will switch images using different animations and timings. This can work nicely as a background or decorative element of a website since we can randomize the appearance of new images and their transitions. This is a jQuery plugin to create a responsive image slider that allows switching images using different animations and timings. Images are displayed in a grid format which can be applied to be use as a background for websites. The random feature of this slider makes it even more interesting and attracting.

Free Animated Responsive Image Griddemo download

Free Responsive jQuery Slideshow Plugin v1.32

ResponsiveSlides.js is a jquery slider plugin that creates a small slider using sensitive list items inside <ul>. It works with a wide range of browsers including all versions of IE to IE6 and above. It also adds support for CSS max-width for IE6 and other browsers that do not support it natively.

This is a jQuery plugin that enables you to create flexible and fully customizable image sliders. It comes with more than 29+ effects to choose from. This slider can help you create almost any type of image sliders such as slideshows, carousels, galleries, and much more. It can certainly be used for personal or even commercial use.

Free Responsive jQuery Slideshow Plugindownload

Fotorama – Free jquery slider with Thumbnail

Place Fotorama in fixed, fluid and responsive environments. Keep your galleries neat.

Fotorama - Free Gallery Slider with Thumbnaildemo download

Elastislide – Free Responsive jquery slider

Elastislide is a responsive jQuery carousel that will adapt its size and its behavior in order to work on any screen size. Inserting the carousels structure into a container with a fluid width will also make the carousel fluid. This is a responsive slider in the form of a carousel that will adapt smoothly in a layout. It is a plugin that can be laid out in two forms, either vertically or horizontally, with a pre-defined minimum number of shown images. Elastislide will adapt its size and behavior to fit any screen size it is applied on.

Elastislide – Free Responsive jQuery Image Gallery Carousel Plugindemo download

Free Responsive 3D Image jquery slider

A responsive layout experiment where we arrange panels in a grid-like structure and transition the elements with 3D effects. This is a perfect template with a stunning outlook. It will help you showcase your work in creative ways, especially if your product has yet to be displayed. This is usually suitable for musicians, authors, designers or bloggers. It has 19 color schemes, 8 scroll effects with 6 slide styles to choose from.

Free Responsive 3D Image Gallery Panel Layoutdemo download

Free Responsive Image Gallery jquery slider

A tutorial on how to create a responsive image gallery with a thumbnail carousel using Elastislide. Inspired by Twitter’s “user gallery” and upon a request to show an integration of Elastislide. This slider is perfect to display several fashion shows at one go. You may choose one of the fashion shows and from there, a series of photos to be displayed on your site. By clicking any of those photos, the image will be zoomed. This will allow your viewer to navigate through the entire fashion show with ease.

Free Responsive Image Gallery with Thumbnail Carouseldemo download

CSS-Only Free Responsive jquery slider

A tutorial on how to create a 100% width and height smooth scrolling layout with CSS only. Using a radio button navigation and sibling combinators we will trigger transitions to the respective content panels, creating a “smooth scrolling” effect. This is a light0weight responsive full screen image and content slider made for jQuery. You are able to add whatever content to the slides without limit. It features touch-capabilities, customizable controls, up and down transition, fade transition and lots more. You can also add custom and complex html, videos and also audios.

CSS-Only Free Responsive Layout with Smooth Transitionsdemo download

WOW Slider – Free responsive jQuery image slider

WOW Slider is a responsive jquery slider with stunning visual effects (Blur, Flip, Blast, Fly, Blinds, Squares, Slices, Basic, Fade, Ken Burns, Stack, Stack vertical and Basic linear) and tons of professionally made templates.

WOW Slider - Free responsive jQuery image sliderdemo download

Galleria – Free free jquery image slider

Galleria is a JavaScript image jquery slider framework. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices. This is a well-developed slider with various options and features. It is able to extract images and video galleries from sites such as Flickr, YouTube, Picasa and much more. It is able to run on full screen automatically with simple captions which can be added at the bottom of the slide.

Galleria - Free JavaScript image gallery frameworkdemo download

Elastic – Free Responsive jquery slider with Thumbnail Preview

Here is a simple elastic responsive slideshow with a thumbnail preview. The slideshow will adjust automatically to its surrounding container and we can navigate through the slides by using the thumbnail previewer or the auto play slideshow option. This elastic slider fits the size of the viewing window. It is a boxed-style slider with graphical tabs just right below the slider, which can be multi-linked. Scroll bars can be included on the slider itself if there is a need, especially when the content is too much for the slide window.

Elastic - Free Responsive Image Slideshowdemo download

Fluid – Free Responsive CSS3 Slideshow with Parallax Effect

In this tutorial we will create a responsive slideshow with a parallax effect using several CSS3 properties. The idea is to move the background positions of two backgrounds while sliding the container of the slides. This is an easy to use slideshow which is responsive and powered with 50+ beautiful skins to choose from. You are able to have multiple slideshows on a single page. The text and font sizes are fully customizable with over 20+ functional buttons. It is easy to use with the drag and drop function.

Fluid - Free Responsive CSS3 Slideshow demo download

Slit – Free Fullscreen Responsive Slider with jQuery and CSS3

A tutorial on how to create a fullscreen jquery slider with a twist: the idea is to slice open the current slide when navigating to the next or previous one. Using jQuery and CSS animations we can create unique slide transitions. Each slides include in the slit slider has a navigation button at the bottom that is fully functional to link to certain sites. There are grey navigational arrows on each side with a famous quote for that extra attraction. One unique feature is the graphic at the top that slides across, independent of other elements whenever the slider is applied.

Slit - Free Fullscreen Responsive Slider with jQuery and CSS3demo download

Free Fullscreen Background Responsive Image Slideshow with CSS3

Here is responsive fullscreen background image slideshow. We’ll create different image transitions and also make a title appear using CSS animations.

Free Fullscreen Background Responsive Image Slideshowdemo download

Free Responsive Photo Gallery plus

Free Responsive Photo Gallery plusdemo download

Seamless – Free Responsive Photo Grid

Seamless - Free Responsive Photo Griddemo download

Free Parallax Content Slider with CSS3 and jQuery

Here is a simple jquery slider and parallax content with you. Use CSS animations, we will control the animation of each element in the cursor and create a parallax effect to animate the background of the cursor itself.

Free Parallax Content Sliderdemo download

Fluid CSS3 Slideshow with Parallax Effect

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a presentation with a parallax effect with the help of some CSS3 properties. We will use radio buttons and joysticks to control siblings that flow is shown.

Fluid CSS3 Slideshow with Parallax Effectdemo download

Audio Slideshow with jPlayer

Here is an audio presentation with you, that is, a presentation that is synchronized with a little ‘sound. We are using the open source framework jPlayer audio.

Free Audio Slideshowdemo download

Slideshow with jmpress.js

Here is a slideshow using jmpress.js. The jquery slider plugin that is based on impress.js will allow us to use some interesting 3D effects to your slides.

Slideshow with jmpress.jsdemo download

Fast Hover Slideshow with CSS3

This is a new small fast-running slideshow of images that play on rollover and stops when mousing out. The current image will remain visible.

Fast Hover Slideshow with CSS3demo download

Image Accordion with CSS3

Here is an accordion image that will expand on an item click. Using peers and combiners a nested structure of elements we can control the opening slides with radio buttons.

Image Accordion with CSS3demo download

Sliding Image Panels with CSS3

Here is a sliding panel Neat Image with CSS alone. The jquery slider is to use background images for the panels and animate when you click on a label. We will use radio buttons with labels and target the respective panels with the general sibling selector.

Sliding Image Panels with CSS3demo download

jQuery Retina Plugin for Image Slider

The retinal images are not optimized look blown up and fuzzy on retinal devices. At the moment, this is only the new iPad (aka iPad 3), iPhone 4 and 4S. However, more and more devices will soon be activated retina, from Android and Windows Mobile, OSX and Windows desktops.

 jQuery Retina Plugin for Image Sliderdemo download

Skitter jQuery for Image Slideshow

Skitter jQuery for Image Slideshowdemo download

Actual Slider – Responsive Slider CSS3

Actual Slider – Responsive Slider CSS3demo

Blueberry jQuery image slider

Blueberry is an experimental opensource jquery slider plugin which has been written specifically to work with fluid/responsive web layouts.

Blueberry jQuery image sliderdownload

Vertical Showcase Slider with jQuery and CSS Transitions

It is a very simplistic and responsive jquery slider for an online store or a portfolio. The idea is to have different sections in a fullscreen view: the image or preview, a navigation and the description. When navigating through the items, we will slide the preview section and the section with the description in opposite directions.

Vertical Showcase Slider with jQuery and CSS Transitionsdemo download

Div Scroll Smooth jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Div Scroll Smooth is a jquery slider plugin that content flowing horizontally to the left or right. In addition to many other plugins scroll that was written for jQuery Smooth Div Scroll does not limit the scrolling stages. As the name hints plugin, scrolling is smooth.

Div Scroll Smooth jQuery Slideshow Plugindemo download

3D Wall Gallery

the 3D jquery slider Gallery. Using the Safari browser the images of this gallery will be put into 3D perspective, when scrolling or sliding. When viewed with another browser, the gallery will be shown normally, retaining all the functionality.

3D Wall Gallerydemo download

Slider Pagination Concept

An experimental slider pagination using the jQuery UI slider. The idea is to use a simple navigation concept that preserves layout and style while allowing content to stay easily accessible.

Slider Pagination Conceptdemo download

Horinaja jQuery SlideShow Implementation

Horinaja jQuery SlideShow Implementationdemo download

Slit jquery slider

Slit Slider is a slideshow with a twist: when navigating the slides, the current one will be “cut open” into two slices and moved away, revealing the next or previous slide. The slider can be used in a responsive context and it has been updated and improved.

Slit Slider Reviseddemo download

jqFancyTransitions – slideshow with strip effects

jqFancyTransitions - slideshow with strip effectsdemo download

Exclusive Freebie: jquery slider

Exclusive Freebie: The Piecemaker XML Gallerydemo download

Automatic Image Montage with jquery slider

Automatic Image Montage with jQuerydemo download

Parallax Slider with jQuery

Parallax Slider with jQuerydemo download

Rotating Image Slider with jQuery

Rotating Image Slider with jQuerydemo download

3D Gallery with CSS3 and jQuery

3D Gallery with CSS3 and jQuerydemo download

CSS3 Lightbox

CSS3 Lightbox is 3D gallery jquery slider with you that uses CSS 3D transforms , it is a simple CSS-only lightbox experiment.

CSS3 Lightboxdemo download

Fullscreen Image 3D Effect with CSS3 and jQuery

Fullscreen Image 3D Effect with CSS3 and jQuerydemo download

Fullscreen Image Blur Effect with HTML5

Fullscreen Image is a neat image jquery slider with blur effect with you. Using canvas, we want to blur images on the transition to another one, creating a smooth effect.

Fullscreen Image Blur Effect with HTML5demo download

Draggable Image Boxes Grid

Draggable Image Boxes is create a template with a fullscreen grid of image jquery slider. The idea is to have a draggable grid that shows boxes of thumbnails and menu like items. Once clicked, the thumbnail will expand to the full size image and the menu item box will expand to a fullscreen content area.

Draggable Image Boxes Griddemo download

Image Zoom Tour with jQuery

Image Zoom Tour with jQuerydemo download

Portfolio Image Navigation with jQuery

Portfolio Image Navigation with jQuerydemo download

Content Rotator with jQuery

Content Rotator with jQuerydemo download

Fullscreen Background Slideshow jQuery

Fullscreen Background Slideshow jQuerydemo download

UnoSlider – Responsive jquery slider

UnoSlider is a jQuery content slider plugin with an unlimited transition animations (really, unlimited!) and a wide range of a features like touch enabled, mobile optimized interface, animated layers, responsiveness and a lot of other features.

UnoSlider - Responsive Touch Enabled Sliderdemo download / more info

jQuery Banner Rotator / Content Slider / Carousel

All In One is an Advanced Jquery Slider which comes in 5 flavors: Banner Rotator, Thumbnails Banner, Banner with Playlist, Content Slider, Carousel. It allows you to easily create powerful sliders with animated text using HTML standard tags, making the slider very easy to setup and maintain.

jQuery Banner Rotator / Content Slider / Carouseldemo download / more info

Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin

This jquery slider plugin features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects. All customization can be handled via jQuery Options, HTML 5 data-attributes and CSS !

Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugindemo download / more info

RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery

RoyalSlider is easy to use jquery slider and content slider plugin with animated captions, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. As navigation you can use thumbnails, tabs or bullets

RoyalSlider Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallerydemo download / more info

Translucent – Responsive Banner Rotator / Slider

This is a jQuery Banner Rotator / Slideshow with translucent background set for caption.

Translucent - Responsive Banner Rotator / Sliderdemo download / more info

Sliders come in very handy especially when you need to showcase images, pictures, blog posts, products, services or videos in an impressive manner. This feature allows you to grab the attention of your target audience and also a way to get them plucked onto new information on your sites or any presentations or even in blogs. Sliders can be an interesting focal point to your website, for that extra oomph and attraction. It is also useful for blogs to show featured contents for the immediate attention seeking from among the target readers.

There are many sliders to choose from for whatever projects you are working on. All with fantastic features that make you go in awe of what it can do to help boost your website. Most sliders come in the form of plugins and scripts and are mostly responsive. All the sliders introduced below work well on any mobile device without any worries. Sliders from jQuery are most sought after for its versatility and sleek images apart from impressive layouts. The following are some recommended jQuery responsive image slider and slideshow plugins which are available to be downloaded without any charges, and most importantly, user friendly too.

All the above sliders are free to be downloaded and can be used immediately. You can start using them an impress people visiting your sites.

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